The final chapter

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Beloved family of light!

Yesterday, my sister and I returned from what I can only describe as a sacred journey. It has brought healing, closure, release and clarity on a huge scale, acting as a catalyst to help bring about a profound shift for us all. It has been a journey where we have been blessed by the presence of many of you, both in person and in spirit, for the work we have been carrying out while we have been away from home is truly a collective endeavor, one that encompasses a large number of people over a long period of time, and I want to thank every single one of you for what you have brought to this. No names are necessary, for you all know who you are, and I can only extend my deepest gratitude to you for helping to make all of this come into…

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Nick Harding – Understanding the Energy-Based Nature of Reality and the World Around Us – 4-24-15

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energy based reality

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

By Nick Harding, Learning Mind, April 23, 2015

It has always been my belief and understanding that everything in our world, the trees and streams, our pets, and ourselves, are a just one aspect of reality. Our perceptions and senses, what we see, hear, and feel, are merely a physical manifestation of what really exists, and provide just a small component of understanding in the scope of what really is. The actual substance of our existence, in my opinion, is purely energy-based. We are all comprised of energy, and every action and reaction which we see is accompanied by a transmission of kinetic or potential energy interacting between entities.

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We’re THAT Close… to Home ~ April 17, 2015

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by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I read a lot of blogs everyday searching for material to present to you that feel good to me; material that seems right, and good, and fair. I found such an article in one of today’s messages from “Starship Earth: The Big Picture”. The writer of that blog, Molly from somewhere in central Arizona, often provides her readers with news that wakes our awareness of what’s currently going on in the world and is a perfect example of alternative news.

But Starship Earth is not only alternative news, it is also alternative news with a heart! That concept is something not seen or noticed on ANY mainstream media channel…doesn’t exist as the public is fed a steady stream of outright lies delivered with plenty of unspoken innuendo.

So Molly’s heartfelt post today is listed for you to read, absorb and really think about. Much…

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Take advantage of the increased intensity of Love enveloping you all today.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Easter Sunday

Your disappointment and tiredness is understandable because you, all you Light bearers and way-showers, have been long engaged on a very difficult task.  Before you incarnated you knew that it would be difficult, but until you were incarnate and doing the work it was almost impossible for you to foresee how difficult and stressful it was actually going to be.  Nevertheless, you are succeeding beyond your wildest hopes!  Before you incarnated you had a vision of what success would entail and what it would look like, and I can absolutely assure you that if you could see what you are achieving from the perspective that you had before you incarnated you would be ecstatic.  God’s plan to awaken humanity, that you are so nobly assisting with, is moving forward most wonderfully.

For eons humanity has been lost, wandering, often seemingly quite aimlessly, and…

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Love surrounds and envelops you in every moment of your existence, so stop trying to block It out.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Easter Sunday

As you are all very well aware, enormous changes are occurring all across the planet as a direct result of your consistent intents to establish peace and abundance for everyone on Earth.  Yes, you are aware that your intents are effective and bringing into being the changes necessary to end worldwide suffering.  You may occasionally tell yourselves individually “My prayers, my peace meditations, my efforts at sending Love to all on Earth, are futile!”  But deep within you know that this is not so.

As humans you do experience strong and even extreme mood swings.  Do not allow the lows you experience to discourage you.  Focus on the good things that are constantly happening and remind yourselves that it is you who are helping to make them happen.

Your presence on Earth, your efforts to change the world through your loving intentions are…

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I Universe you


Carolina Flower

Ego is weak, it is lazy. Ego will not get you by. Only the strength of the heart will. The depth of the soul that pervades infinitely. Our depth is strong, powerful and intense but we rather hang out on the surface and wonder why we feel weak. Soul growth is more important and beneficial than the preservation of ego. So go ahead. Tell me what I don’t want to hear. Judge me. Make me uncomfortable. Challenge me. I welcome everything the universe sends me. My heart is a hologram. You can’t break it. However, my ego is a rock. Put enough pressure on it and it will be left in pieces. The universe has all the pressure and more. It’s not going to hesitate in giving it to you if you ask for help. Be strong and release. With attachment to ego comes obsession. The concept of obsession is…

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Suzanne Lie – A Message From New Friends – Blue Avians and Arcturians – 4-6-15

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A Message from New Friends

The Blue Avians and The Arcturians


Dear Blue Avians,

I am first writing my message by hand, as I find it is the best way to meet new Galactic Beings. Since my first incarnation (if numbers such as, first, mean anything within the NOW) was as a member of the early Lemurian Bird Tribe. If possible, I would like to establish an on-going communication with you.

I feel as though you, the Blue Avians, you and the Arcturians are very intermingled with your joint service to Gaia and awakening humans. Please respond to let me know if I could have the honor of communicating with you.

Our Dear Suzille,

We, known in your language as the “Blue Avians,” which is actually a description of our appearance rather than a title for our flock, will happily address you. You are correct that we are united…

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Earth Ascension: Schumann Frequency Resonance has DOUBLED! ~ April 5, 2015

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Oh my…this is really exciting news for to read…and thus I must also share this with you! Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I post messages from Gaia Portal when it feels important. Gaia Portal keeps pace with the energies of Mother Earth, or Lady Gaia as some call this planet. Earlier this spring, I posted a Gaia Portal message stating that Mother Earth’s energies had risen and she was waiting for the overall energies of humans to join her. You can see this here…

Now, today I read that the Earth’s frequencies have indeed risen! There is a frequency of the Earth called Schumann’s Frequency. “The Schumann Frequencies are the ‘sound’ of the earth. It’s like hearing the sound of a big drum, with that drum being the earth’s resonant cavity.” Scientists have discovered that this frequency has more that doubled,

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