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Over the past few years Jamie and I have come to realize we are the mirrors to each other’s souls and the lessons we are here to learn are are often more deeply reflected in each other, our soulmate, life partner, best friend, the person we are most connected to here on earth.

twin flame

It’s true, I was present during Jamie’s Kundalini Awakening and let me tell you, there were some scary moments for me having no clue what was going on with him both during and in the days and weeks afterwards. I witnessed things I cannot explain. I was aware he had a new obsession (as I’d jokingly call it) watching a ton of YouTube videos, going down that rabbit hole, but I didn’t know what an “awakening” was and I can attest that neither did he, until it happened that night.

I, myself, have never had a profound, physical, life altering awakening like Jamie experienced.  Out of the two of us I was always the one more curious and in touch with the spirit world, our soul, religions, science and the connections between them. Honeslty, up until a few months before that night, Jamie could care less about the topic. (LOL!) I cannot tell you how many times I would try to discuss a book regarding inner spiritual work of some type only to be quickly dismissed by him. It just wasn’t “his thing.” I had accepted that about him.

For myself though, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t know about spirit. I had always felt the peace of it around me. Not that my life itself was peaceful, but that there was always a higher meaning and purpose to things, even if I didn’t understand them. I was intuitive and spent a lot of time reading the energies of others and recharging through a close connection through nature. But, I thought everyone could do this, I didn’t connect or understand until I was older that some of the things I experienced were not the norm. From the youngest age I always heard from adults around me “Shannon’s so compassionate.” I don’t think I understood the meaning of the words, but I felt the energy that was intended from them: Kindness towards others, and most especially to animals.

Jamie and I, our lives became entangled at an early age and we were opposites in almost every way. He was the showman to  my shyness, the clown to my bookworm, the spontaneous to my practicality. On the surface, we really didn’t have much in common, but we were like magnetized polar opposites circling and circling, time and again the pull was so strong. But, like I said we were young kids and I was very practical, to me it just wasn’t logical that I’d meet this boy and oooooh la la, we’d be married with kids one day. I just wasn’t a daydreaming my long term future in that way, I mean who thinks that at 11 or 12 years old? Not me. A year after meeting Jamie, I had an odd reoccurring dream that started and I told nobody, I dismissed it entirely. Time passed and it turned out to be much more than just a dream. This is my side of our story…


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Hello and Welcome, We are Jamie and Shannon and together we are on this journey. His awakening has become a mirror in our lives, moving us forward and reflecting in ways we could never imagine.

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