Laura Weber – How to Channel Your Higher Self – 5-18-15

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How to Channel Your Higher Self

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Your higher self is a fancy way of referring to the dimensions of who you are beyond your typically constricted everyday experience of who you are.  While you know yourself as a name, a gender, an age, as coming from a certain family, living within a certain society and culture, etc., those attributes are like pieces in a wardrobe or components of an outfit that you are wearing over your soul, but they are not actually who you are.

There are layers of the higher self, but for the purpose of simplicity, the higher self could be understood as your own wisest and most in-tune spiritual identity; the part of you who knows and who loves.  The higher self has also been described as being able to see a wider scope of a…

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SANANDA via ELIZABETH TRUTWIN – Activating the Andromeda Stargate at Lake Louise, BC – Final Step Before Disclosure – ETs from Future Timelines Here – Earth Being Forced To Ascend – Multitude of Humanoid Races in Solar System – Earth on Lockdown – Major Cataclysms Averted – Divine Golden Age Coming – Ascension: Spend Time In Nature – Integrate Quantum Unified Field – 1-15

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Sananda  via  Elizabeth Trutwin


Why is Earth Ascending now? Simple. It has been forced to. Those living in the future with great technological advances from lives millions of years in the future looked into this Timeline to find Earth and one third of the Milky Way Galaxy completely destroyed. A Plan was made for the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth as well as other neighboring Stars to restore them to their original Pristine Beauty. In order to accomplish this enormous task the damaged Timelines had to be restored and merged with the Timelines of the future. 

What was it that did the damage? The small handful of dark cabal who mined and enslaved Earth took their profits, developed reverse engineered Extraterrestrial Craft and learned to go into deep space with propulsion and energy systems unknown to Humanity on Earth at that time. They then went on…

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Earth’s Magnetic Field is being upgraded – Quan Yin – 4/30/2015


This is an important time for humanity! As we have discussed before every man, woman, child, plant and animal were recently removed from the old grid and placed on the new, upgraded grid that allows for the more complex light codes to flood the earth and be utilized properly. As part of this the magnetic field surrounding your earth is also being upgraded.Each living being, including the earth will be connected to the upgraded field within these next few months.The connection has already begun for some. As part of this upgrade the earth will continue shifting and releasing to align to the new magnetic field. These can be seen as radical geological events, volcanoes, sink holes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Do not fear these changes as all souls that experience these shifts have contracted to do so. Do not allow for fear that dramatic events will occur that will decimate the human…

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