God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity.

Jesus through John

Jesus AudioBlog for Saturday December 19th
In the illusion moods occur in your subjective experiences that flow like the weather. Sometimes that emotional or experiential “weather” stays dull for long periods. Some have referred to it as “the dark night of the soul,” meaning a time when they are feeling very down and seemingly unable to connect with their spiritual side, their oneness with Source. That is depressing to experience, but it is a time in which great and important spiritual work is being undertaken beneath the level of your conscious human awareness, and when you come through it, as you will, it is as though a great burden had been lifted from you, and enthusiasm for life once more bubbles into your consciousness, and your inner knowing that you are an indispensable and infinitely loved aspect of God comes back into your awareness.

It’s all about letting go of…

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One thought on “God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity.”

  1. Hello i have had experience like this page speaks of. i connect to the feeling of energy i try to understand this and embrace the feeling it feels extremely holy like the ultimate spiritual connection.

    if i invest deep into this feeling. i start to see in pixels and rainbows of light.
    i felt like the other night i could just stop breathing and leave with the energy. however i become fearful the people around me would never follow me so i got scared and came back to this reality and tried explaining what i felt and seen to the people around me and no one seems to want to listen

    or they like to assume i’m going crazy


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