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Project Blue Book – Interview with EBE-3 the Alien from Future Earth


Project blue book
Interview with EBE-3 The Alien from Future Earth

Death is a Human Construct. It does not exist.


ABEOk everyone, I got home from work tonight and was minding my own business, when this video came across my facebook page. So I began checking it out. I went to wikileaks to find anything on this to see if it was real or not. As I began searching I could feel myself about to be pulled down the Rabbit Hole. So I asked myself if it was real, and the probability is about 75% that’s more than enough to give me the go ahead to post and let you decide. Whether it is real or not the dialog is amazing. I felt that if it was real any trouble that I may get into would be well worth it. I hope you enjoy it and learn something about yourself and what you truly believe. Because as you all know, I love pushing the beliefs of others to hopefully trigger an awakening 🙂

Could this be Our First time seeing a Real Alien?




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