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The Lenticular Spacecraft – English translation

 I would like to say that this video was uploaded more than a year ago from a group of people in Romania. I translated it to english and tried to get permission to use it. It has been locked up as private waiting their approval. It now seems the creators of this video have disappeared and all of their links and websites have been taken down and I have been unable to contact them. If you are the creator of this video please email me at I can not confirm or deny any of the material in the video but thought it was too good to let sit locked up for all of eternity. Enjoy

Translation Published on Aug 23, 2015

The Lenticular Spacecraft – English translation

The elements presented in this documentary are disturbing both for the minds of people and contemporary science. Cosmic life and very advanced technology are presented in a way that greatly surpasses the limited materialistic ideology.

The construction of the lenticular ship, the effort of dozens of extra-terrestrial civilizations, is meant to produce in the coming years a remarkable transformation in the mentality and knowledge of mankind.

maxresdefault (1)The film also presents some aspects about the technological future of society, which will create a major leap in the psycho-mental experience of the human being.
Original poster GALACTIS Team

The Lenticular Spacecraft – English translation was originally published on Awakening Our Truth