Earth’s Magnetic Field is being upgraded – Quan Yin – 4/30/2015


This is an important time for humanity! As we have discussed before every man, woman, child, plant and animal were recently removed from the old grid and placed on the new, upgraded grid that allows for the more complex light codes to flood the earth and be utilized properly. As part of this the magnetic field surrounding your earth is also being upgraded.Each living being, including the earth will be connected to the upgraded field within these next few months.The connection has already begun for some. As part of this upgrade the earth will continue shifting and releasing to align to the new magnetic field. These can be seen as radical geological events, volcanoes, sink holes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Do not fear these changes as all souls that experience these shifts have contracted to do so. Do not allow for fear that dramatic events will occur that will decimate the human…

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