The Tipping Point at the Crossroads of Time ~ March 31, 2015

Rose Rambles...


Here we are folks…truly, we are at the tipping point at the crossroads of time. That’s our time, humanity’s time, and our time to to “wake up”. Zen Gardner, along with many other alternative news writers, are doing their best to let humanity know the truth of the matter and realize what is, and has been occurring, for quite a long while that is NOT in the best interest of humanity. But wait…I blog about love, so what has love got to do with the mess of a world we live in?

LOVE, the higher vibration of love is the answer…the only answer to what ails us. As this higher vibration of love spreads around the globe, there is no room for the lower vibrations of negativity like greed, war, lust, and fear. And after the bulk of humanity rises to the occasion by learning and agreeing to love one…

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