The Separation Story, the meaning and how reality works.

We separate from the one, then go off to experience, we meet ourselves, we fall in love with each other, however, the reality is… we are all just unique reflections of the one, getting to play for awhile. Then we get to bring it all back.

We are all, reflections of the one. So enjoy every moment you have making memories for the One that we truly are. Love one another… the one appreciates it.







How the illusion of reality works.

Your perspective is what moves the Universe, you are at the center to observer and decide what you wish to experience, based on feelings of past and future possibilities.


Once one possibility was created, all possibilities followed instantly.


At the root of all decisions there is only one choice, Love or Fear that is determined by you, as the possibilities flow through you in the center of the vortex.


We are the center of our own universe it.


 We are remembering who we are.

We are Everything

It is a wonderful time “viewing this perspective” to be alive.

The Separation Story, the meaning and how reality works. was originally published on Awakening Our Truth

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